About Us

Espoir For All Society is based in North Surrey, supporting the community with various programs and activities geared towards the vulnerable and marginalized population; particularly children and youth from low income families, refugee families, and new immigrants. Children from inner city schools receive training in sports without paying for the services. With soccer being our primary sport, families are then connected to local soccer clubs and we facilitate the transition to sanctioned soccer when children and families express interest. 

Our youth group is based in Guildford, and we support the youth with various volunteering opportunities, educational support from mentors, guidance to professional services in relation to mental health and family concerns, and we open discussions on mental health and addiction/ risks of substance abuse.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to eliminate barriers and provide meaningful relationships and partnerships through activities and services that enhance cultural connections and catalyze self-determination. Working with different communities, Espoir seeks to help disadvantaged and vulnerable communities attain cultural, social, and economic well-being  through advocacy, opportunity creation, responsibility, choice, and healing.

Vision Statement

Empowered individuals in an integrated community, with a strong cultural identity.

Our Values

making a difference starts with you

  • Inclusion

    We respect and include people from all society regardless of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age.

  • Communication

    We believe that communication is key to team building and learning.

  • Diversity

    We ensure diverse representation in our staff, volunteers, and clients/participants.

  • Service

    We provide service with the goals of building community, enhancing cultural connections, learning and development, and inspiring successful individuals.

  • Responsibility and Accountability

    We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for the things we say and do and hold others to the same standard.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We carry out our work with honesty and integrity and hold others to the same standard.

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